Yard Services

YARD SERVICES (on Customer’s request)

Additional works on delivery or  acceptance of one container from yard on truck or on railway platform or from truck or from railway platform to yard

Full container:
45.00 USD per one 20’ container;
55.00 USD per one 40’container;
60.00 USD per one 45’ container;

Empty container:
35.00 USD per one 20’ container;
40.00 USD per one 40’ container;
45.00 USD per one 45’ container

Extra handling of container in yard (counting the amount of cargo, delivering container to scales for weighing, stuffing and other)
25.00 USD per one container;
Supply/removing of railway cars
22.00 USD per one railway car;

Reefer containers
Provision of a reefer container with electricity
1.25 USD per hour;
Connection of a reefer container to electricity
25.00 USD per one connection;
Fixing/removing of gensets on/from reefer containers
75.00 USD per each fixing or removing of genset;

9.00 USD  per  1 truck (with or without container);

Package of services related to the sampling and cargo inspection
Without unloading of the cargo
55.00 USD per one container;
With unloading of the cargo
Unloading of the cargo using the handling equipment:
250.00 USD per one container
Unloading of the cargo without using the handling equipment (hand work):
500.00 USD per one container
Package of services related to scanning of the cargo
65.00 USD per one container